Photography workshops & Photo Walks

Photography workshops you can do more than once from $75 and less. Photo walks $10 for members

Photography Workshops and Photo Walks


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About my photography workshops 

My advanced location photography workshops are held in and around the Clevedon area (Hunua, Kawakawa Bay, Maraetai, Beachlands) and some venture further out. All of my studio workshops are in my Clevedon studio.

 Please consider that before joining as mentioned in the terms. 

My photography workshops are always hands on and small from 5-10 people so you are not competing for attention. They include, Portraits using natural light and reflectors on location: Mastering your speed light to create beautiful portraits with a studio look: Studio lighting for fitness portraits, Night Photography basics, Using ND filters and more


About photo walks?

Photo walks allow you to practice taking photos of just about everything—from architecture to people and it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet like minded people of all ages, while learning new techniques and developing your skills at a comfortable pace.

People of all photographic abilities and experience are welcome on photo walks and that includes people who like to snap with their camera phones!

Walks are conducted monthly from November to April in the Clevedon area and I try to schedule them for every second Saturday starting at 5pm for approximately 2 hrs

Facebook group for members

Members get access to our Facebook group for ongoing support and advise. Workshop updates, Buying or upgrading equipment, Technical advice, Competitions, Paid modeling opportunities, and more.

On a photo walk it’s not practical to bring every piece of equipment you own so we encourage you to work with what you have. A zoom lens 18-250mm is very versatile and we always have a set subject to work on as well.

 Don’t bog yourself down with a lot of STUFF and wear comfortable shoes.

Photo walks are $10 for paid members and $20 for casual non members.

Kawakawa Bay Landscape Photo Walk
Depth of Field at The Botanic Gardens

Photography Workshops

My photography workshops are small in number from 5 to 10 people at each and are suitable for beginners and the more advanced. I am a firm believer in, you don’t need the best gear out there just get the best out of the gear you already have. 

My workshops will also include, Portraits with a single speed light,  natural light portraits on location, High speed action photography on location with dogs, Night photography basics, Studio flash for fitness photography, Beauty lighting, Editing and more. 

You will also get on going support via my members group with over 50 members.  

A common thing I keep hearing is people have paid $250- $1000s for a workshop and it was great, but then they haven’t used their camera for a while and what they learned is now lost. With my workshops and photo walks you can attend regularly and learn at your own pace in smaller doses for less.

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Join as a member today for only $40 and you will save $30 on all workshops plus get an extra $10 off your next workshop.

Offer expires June 1st 2021


Advanced Photography Workshops

Night photography workshop
Night photography workshop
Speedlight light portrait workshop Price guide. $75 with one model.
Non Members $30 more
Natural light portrait with reflector workshop $75 with one model. On location. Non Members $30 more

Photography Workshops Terms and Conditions

Deposits and Refunds.

  1. If you don’t turn up deposit is non refundable.
  2. If you cancel and your space cannot be filled your deposit is non refundable but can be transfered to another workshop
  3. Balance of payment due on the day of the workshop. Cash is Ok
  4. No refunds given on membership if you join up and find you can not make it to workshops etc.

Photographing Models

  1. Images can only be used in your own portfolio.
  2. Images may not be sold or used commercially in any way without the models permission or models parents’ permission.
  3. Photographers are to make low res images available to models. They can have a discrete watermark
  4. Models to tag photographers page when posting images. 
  5. Models may use images in their own portfolio.

Membership All changes come into affect 30th March 2021.

  1. Membership is $40 per year if you join before June 1st 2021.
  2. After June 1st $60 per year.
  3. Membership gives you access to all workshops at the listed price: Casuals an extra $30 on top of that.
  4. Membership gives you access to all photo walks for $10 pp: Casuals $20 pp.
  5. You are solely responsible for the safety and security of our own gear at all times
  6. Members get access to our Facebook group for ongoing support and advise. Workshop updates, Buying or upgrading equipment, Technical advice, Competitions, Paid modeling opportunities, etc

Would you like to learn more in a private lesson. Portrait photography with natural light? Portrait photography with flash lighting? Night photography and slow shutter speeds? Sports and action photography. Contact Clint

Portrait Photography
Natural light Portraits
Photography workshops
Flash Photography Gold medal NSNSP Workshop Image by Clint Schubert
Night Photography Slow shutter speed

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