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Modeling Portfolios

If you would like to start or add to your modeling portfolio please read on.

 I operate a small private home studio in Clevedon Auckland that has produced award winning images. This means I have lower overheads and I can pass those savings on to you avoiding the city studio prices.

The best thing to do is read on then email me with some photos and ideas for the look you want and go from there.

Studio Portfolio Session

Working creatively together for approximately 2 hours in outfits of your choice.

Looks may include, Fashion, Fitness modeling, Beauty Glamour Portraits, Makeup portfolio, Dance etc.

Session will include head and shoulder portraits and full length, in front of a black, grey or off white background.

You will receive a good selection of full resolution images Min 10, plus one or more web sized creative composite images.

Modeling Portfolio Session Fee $250

Makeup can be arranged. You can do your own or have you own makeup artist do it for you prior to the session or have them join you in the studio.

Help and advise on posing also provided if needed

Studio space pictured below. Remember it’s not about the space but what we can create in it. 

Modeling Collab Auckland

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Fill out the form below or email with some photos and you ideas on what you are looking for. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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