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Welcome To The Modeling Club Auckland

So what is The Modeling Club?

Do you want regular studio shoot experience? Do you want free images for your portfolio? Do you want to experiment and learn? If you answered yes you’re in the right place

Every second month I open my studio for an evening session of 2-3 hours. Each session has a set lighting style from beauty lighting, sports lighting, high fashion lighting, single light head shots etc. Members are invited to attend as a small group usually 4-5 members. Individual portfolio opportunities are also offered. We have 23 existing female members and more sessions may be added as we grow.

How will this help you?

 You may have considered or have already joined a modeling agency, but that is no guarantee that you will get called up or get any photo shoot experience at all. Here you will!

Many people interested in modeling have never worked in studio using lighting so these sessions will help you gain confidence and experience while building your modeling portfolio.

It’s great for newcomers and existing models to experiment with looks, learn and gain confidence in a stress free and fun environment with no expectations put on you to perform.

Do you get images?

Yes you get a set amount of images from each session and bonus images can also be earned for those who promote my work

Some restrictions apply when it comes to advertising products, brands and other services who are not also members of the group.  

Do I have to be a model?

No. Many of my members would not consider themselves models. They just enjoy being involved and getting great photos. Members include some mum’s, gymnasts, dancers, actors, and social influences,

How do I join?

First contact me as spaces are limited! and tell me a little about yourself. Parents please contact me on behalf if your budding model is interested

Membership for the club is by a small monthly subscription of $12.50 on a one year minimum join up. Join up and attend any of the free sessions.

So that’s about it. I have been in the industry long enough to know that this is a fantastic opportunity at a very affordable price for the opportunity offered. All you need to do is be open and committed to coming along to sessions.

I look forward to hearing from you with any further questions and or inquiries.

Kind regards Clint Schubert, Photographer

Group session calendar. By monthly free sessions

Modeling Collab Auckland

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Before joining please read the full terms and conditions here Regarding image use and membership entitlements

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Membership Fees

Join as a model for only $12.50 per month with a 12 month Minimum membership.

Make up artist , hair stylist product or brand. wanting images to promote themselves or their brand or product.  

You can book a 1.5 hour studio session for $150.

Inquire first with any questions to Clint

Images from the session can be purchased for $12.50 each for commercial use on social media or a website. You can employ up to 2 models from the group or supply up to 2 models of your own. Options to hold paid workshops via the group will also become available as we grow. Commercial image rate is normally $95 per image.

Yearly Brand or service

More extensive bespoke location and studio sessions can be arranged using our resources/models etc POA

When a collaboration is advertised its up to all parties to register their interest to be involved or a brand can request a suitable theme or style that suits their product . Excludes set designs. Any questions just please ask, we are here to help.

Any models under 18 are to be accompanied by a parent and model releases need to be signed


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