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Hello! My name is Clint Schubert and I’m an award winning photographer based in Clevedon Auckland. If you enjoy taking snaps on your phone or have invested in a DSLR or mirrorless camera and would like to learn more at your own pace. Join up and come along to regular walks and workshops. I will be there to help you with settings, composition and creative techniques.

Night Photography Workshop Wednesday Dec 16th

Why join a photo walk?

Photo walks allow you to practice taking photos of just about everything—from architecture to people. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet like minded people of all ages while learning new techniques and developing your skills at a comfortable pace.

People of all photographic abilities and experience are welcome.

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Kawakawa Bay Landscape Photo Walk
Depth of Field at The Botanic Gardens

View Calendar for walks & members workshops -October 2020-April 2021

We meet once a month and I try to have them on the second Saturday of the month at 5pm for roughly 2 hours but days and times will vary, May exclude long weekends 

You can photograph anything that catches your eye on a photo walk but each walk will have a subject or theme to help inspire you to look differently at the environment around you.

On a photowalk, it’s not practical to bring every piece of equipment you own, so we encourage you to keep it simple.

Ditch the bulky camera bag in favour of pants/jacket with plenty of pockets or bring a small backpack to carry extra clothing or a drink and snack and that extra battery. Don’t bog yourself down with a lot of STUFF. A zoom lens 18-250mm is very versatile. Wear comfortable shoes.

Terms And Conditions

Photo Walk Fees

Become a season member then each walk is only $10

Join in Oct-Dec $40. Join in Jan $20 then each walk is only $10.

Member benefits include

Members who join our Facebook group can enter their photo walk photos for a chance to win vouchers to advanced workshops.

Members get discounts to advanced photography workshops.

Members can bring casual guests, friends or family who want to join in photographing for $10 per guest.

Students 16 and under get automatic free season membership then $10 per walk

Advanced workshops may include. Night photography, Portrait Photography. Portraits with flash in studio, Natural light Portraits.

Non members can attend any walk on a casual basis for $20 per walk.

Season membership can be paid below . Or contact me to pay via bank deposit,

I would prefer payment for casual walkers, guests of members and members on the day and cash is easiest. Just so I don’t have to organize refunds or vouchers if the walk is cancelled or rescheduled for bad weather.

Join during Oct Dec

Season membership Fee $40 then $10 per walk on the day and access to member work shops until July

Joining during January$20 then $10 per walk on the day and access to member work shops until July

Casual guest for the day, You can use this on the day to pay if you forgot to bring your $20

Members guest $10 on the day

Admin use only $10 registration link

Season Members Workshops

Night photography members workshop
Night photography members workshop $30
Natural light portrait with reflector workshop Price guide. $50 with one model. 6 photographers. $60 with 2 models. 10 photographers. $70 3 models 15 Photographers.
Natural light portrait with reflector workshop $50 with one model. 6 photographers. $60 with 2 models. 10 photographers. $70 3 models 15 Photographers.

Models are paid and if you have a family member who is comfortable in front of the camera and is super reliable let us know.

Would you like to learn more in a private lesson. Portrait photography with natural light? Portrait photography with flash lighting? Night photography and slow shutter speeds? Sports and action photography. Contact Clint

Portrait Photography
Natural light Portraits
Flash Photography Gold medal NSNSP Workshop Image by Clint Schubert
Night Photography Slow shutter speed

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